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Interested in working together on your dream project? Prices may vary according to size, type of wood, finish detail, and many other factors. Here’s how we can get started:

My Process:

  • Consultation and Site Visit

    • Visit my 'Contact' page and click, “Request Your Carving Quote.” You are now in my queue. I will reach out to discuss your design specifics and wood requirements. For Live Carvings, this may include a site visit.

  • Design

    • I can usually verbalize an idea in my mind, but that's sometimes not enough. If your design is difficult to describe or "see" clearly, I may use drawings to help finalize your quote.

  • Construction

    • With your Carving Quote finalized, we can schedule your carving date. This is where it gets loud and messy, and all our ideas start to take shape!

  • Reveal

    • The most rewarding part of the job: when our vision is finally realized. Be sure to show it off to your friends, family, and neighbours! And tag me on social media!

Contact: Welcome

My focus has been in Chainsaw Carving recently, but if you have a different project in mind, please feel free to reach out. I love what I do and I can’t stop talking about it. Spreading coolness is the ultimate return, in my mind, so I’m easily persuaded to work on anything with a “Coolness Factor.” My excitement is highly contagious too, so... Whatever we're working on…

...Be prepared to have fun!

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Like what you see?

Have a project in mind?

I'd love to hear about it!

Servicing the Bay of Quinte, Brighton, Prince Edward County, Hastings, Northumberland, and area.

*Please note: The "life-cycle" of a carving project can take as long as six to eight months, depending on the project. My work is weather dependent, I have many passionate clients, and there are times when my day-job takes priority. I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as I balance many disciplines. When it's time for your carving, you can trust that I will bring the same focus and joy I bring to all my projects.

Lets create something beautiful together!



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The word around town

It's amazing! We love our carving very much. Thank you, Daniel

Shirley, from Smithfield

This is the most fun I've had since my husband passed!

Betty, from Brighton

Thank you, Daniel. Every time I look outside it makes me smile.

Marlene, from Sherbrooke

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